Volunteering with our Non-Profit

The society invites individuals, couples, groups, families and students throughout the world to make a great contribution and bring changes by getting involved with overall social development projects. As a volunteer you can opt to participate for the running community development programs and help in mission.

Volunteer In Jaipur

Jaipur is a popular destination for international travelers and volunteers. This popularity, and Jaipur’s easy access to India’s capital city, New Delhi, means that there is a great support network in place for abroad volunteers. Because Jaipur volunteer projects include rural and urban areas, this is a very broad category that includes such projects as teaching English in schools, providing childcare for over-burdened families, working with orphanages, and reaching out to the many street children who must work to survive and thus do not attend school. To be a successful volunteer, you need to be ready and willing to share your enthusiasm, guidance, and love with children.

Requirements & Things to Know

It is especially important for volunteers to read up on cultural practices and expectations before traveling. Volunteers should find themselves comfortable working with orphanage children, street kids, women’s rights, and youth education. The last thing you want to do is to offend the very people you came to help because of poor preparation.

Ask our volunteer placement partner about your housing arrangements: how close will you be to your volunteer site? Will you share the space with others? Will meals be provided? It is recommended that you ask for details about your volunteer work as well: Are there materials that you need to bring with you? Will transportation be provided? Will an average day include?

Volunteers will need vaccinations in order to travel to Jaipur. Volunteers are encouraged to begin their preparations as early as possible, as some vaccines are given in a series and can take some time to complete.

It is important for volunteers to remember that Jaipur is a city of extremes, of great wealth and great poverty. As such, foreigners can often be seen as sources of easy money. Volunteers should be aware of their surroundings, conscious of the attention that they are drawing and keep an eye on their belongings.

As a general rule, volunteers should not travel alone or after dark. Women should never put themselves in a situation where they are the only woman on a street, in a bus, or in a restaurant. Volunteers should avoid contact with stray dogs, monkeys, or other animals on the street.

Volunteering with us for free

You don’t need pay for volunteering, Your time and efforts are quite enough!

You volunteer with our organization absolutely free! However, you pay a program fee to cover the costs that make your life easier in a way; they also help add authenticity, safety, and reliability.

The program cost will be going towards your housing, food, daily transport to project, expeditions, and other facilities while volunteering in Jaipur. A part of your money goes towards the cause as well.

How to Become a Volunteer

You can do as much or as little help to our community as you want. It’s up to you. And we only work with the very best specialist tour operator to organize your volunteer placements with our volunteer organization in Jaipur. We’re not bragging – just proud that we do a great job.

Get answers from our volunteer placements, visit volunteersindia.org